"HTMA provides the window through which to view the relationship between your minerals and how they affect your body and mind - ultimately, in many ways, determining your physical and emotional destiny."

For Practitioners


No matter your modality, incorporating the information provided by properly interpreted HTMA can add significantly important information that can further assist in the work you do supporting your clients / patients. 


I work with practitioners from various modalities on a contract basis, providing them with HTMA interpretation and suggestions which the practitioner is then free to incorporate as they wish into their programs.


On this page, I begin with quick summaries of how specific practitioners can be assisted through the work I do.  Further down the page, I provide 4 convenient "steps" for those interested in learning more about minerals, HTMA, and my service for practitioners.







Ultimately, our shared goal is that of supporting our clients and patients. 


Here are 4 Ways I May Be of Support to You in That Goal:

#1.  Know Your Own Status

HTMA provides the window through which to view the relationship between the minerals in your cells and tissues and how they affect your body and mind - ultimately, in many ways, determining one's physical and emotional destiny.  

  • Nothing beats personal experience! 

    Having your own HTMA test done and interpreted allows you to see first hand how powerful this tool can be.  And if you're on the fence, this is the surest way to prove to yourself the benefits.

  • Discover your hidden toxicities and deficiencies. 

    Everyone, no matter how healthy in this moment, has imbalances.  They may not manifest as symptoms until later in life.

  • Have a roadmap for corrective action. 

    Knowing your imbalances, you can take very specific, targeted action toward correcting those imbalances... protecting your own health down the road.

#2.  Explore Copper Toxicity

Learn about one of today's most far-reaching yet misunderstood and silenced health epidemics.

  • Essential health information for every woman. 

    While men are affected too, it's the copper-retaining quality of estrogen that makes this something every woman deserves to be taught as basic health 101... and even moreso once she goes on birth control.  So many of my clients find answers to many of their symptoms once this copper connection is made.  There's no shortage of denial and misinformation out there...I encourage you to be one of those who take the initiative to learn all they can about this topic.  

#3. Empower Yourself with the Mineral Mastery course.

Minerals affect nearly all aspects of physical and mental health.  Yet, most formal health education doesn't adequately teach this most fundamental area of health. No matter your current educational training, this course will surely prove invaluable. 


"The Mineral Mastery course should be a compulsory unit in every medical and naturopathic and nutrition school - then we might actually have a healthcare system instead of a disease management one!"  ~Jo Hainsworth, Health Practitioner



  • Convenient self-study, lifetime access.

    The 8+ hour course is video based, and at your own pace.  No webinars to fit into your schedule. No monthly fees.  The one-time enrolment provides you with access to your student dashboard for life, from which you can view (and review) the units as often as you wish. 

  • Eye-opening and beneficial no matter what your background.

    Our students include everyone from everyday Jane's and Joe's to worldclass athletes, functional diagnostic nutritionists, and PhD medical researchers.  All have found the information in this course invaluable for increasing their own understanding and ability to help themselves or their clients.

    #4. Apply My Expertise With Your Clients.

    I am happy to provide you with my specialized experience,  detailed assessment and nutritional suggestions which you can then take and adapt as you wish into the work you do with your clients.  Giving them the gift of this vital information adds further value to the health care / support you offer.  If you are a health professional and would like to set up an account with me, please contact me at rick(at)integrativehealthcoaching.ca to discuss further. 

    • Practitioner Discount Available on multiple orders for clients

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