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We are the home of industry leading HTMA testing and interpretation, mineral-based health education, and the most complete copper toxicity support available anywhere.


** Leadership in Mineral Education ** Founder of ** HTMA Instructor to Numerous Practitioners. **Thousands of Clients. ** Quality & Expertise.



Notice to Existing Clients Prior to June 1, 2021: 

Extremely high demand and the number of hours that go into each Personalized HTMA report necessitated a June 2021 price increase. 

However, all prior clients retain loyalty pricing at the old rates through until May 2022. 

If you're ready for a retest, just email me directly.  It remains a privilege and my pleasure to serve you.    Rick Fischer


Our Support & Services a glance

Full details of our services and packages are explained further down this page. 


HTMA Lab Test (Trace Elements Lab Test with  Automated Report) ............................................ $110

HTMA Lab Test + 60 Minute Private Consultation ....................................................................... $197

Premium HTMA Report & Personalized Wellness Program (guidance far beyond just HTMA)....$249

Private Consultation (30 / 60 Minutes) ................................................................................ $55 / $110

90 Day Copper Toxicity Survival Program ....................................................................................  $129

SILVER Package (Includes HTMA Lab Test and Premium Personalized Report/Program)  ..........  $349

GOLD Package (Includes SILVER plus additional bonuses) ...........................................................  $449

PLATINUM Package (Includes GOLD plus bonuses, including Mineral Mastery course!) .............  $649

HTMA Certification and Mineral Mastery Two-Course Study Package ........................................  $799

"Take Back Your Health" - 6 Month Whole Body Wellness & Rebalancing Program  ................... $2150

Find the support that’s right for you.

Basic HTMA Test*

(Other HTMA services charge $130-$190 for this same test.  If they charge less, make sure they're using either ARL or TEI labs, and ideally testing at least 30 elements, including Boron) 


  • by Trace Element Inc (TEI)

  • "Profile 2", which includes the automated lab report

    See a Sample Report

  • Tests for 36 Minerals & Toxic Metals (includes boron which others charge extra for)


Basic HTMA Test + 60min Consult

  • "Profile 2" Lab Test by Trace Elements Inc (as above)

  • 60 Minute Phone/Zoom consultation providing you expert personalized guidance


Premium HTMA Report and Personalized Wellness Program

Order this by itself if you already have

 HTMA test results and want a much more personalized report and detailed guidance.  Our industry-leading report provides FAR more guidance and personalization than typical automated HTMA reports offered elsewhere.  Here you''ll receive personalized guidance based on YOUR unique health history and symptoms.  (See description below under "Silver Package" for more details on what this report includes). 

On the fence? Read here the value others find with this one-of-a-kind guidance.


Unbeatable Value Packages

Our packages below provide the personalized guidance you deserve, helping you gain the most out of your HTMA.  Plus, you are working with Rick directly (never some "apprentice").

Silver Package

  • Trace Elements HTMA Lab Test (Charts)

  • Premium HTMA Report *

  • Personal Wellness Program/Protocol *

  • Healing Support Vault (Full Access) ** 

  • 10% Discount on All Future HTMA Orders


* Note: Our industry-leading Premium HTMA Report & Personalized Program provides FAR more personalized guidance than typical automated HTMA reports offered elsewhere.   Whereas standard HTMA results often leave people with more questions than answers, we specialize in the interpretation of HTMA data, providing you with full personalized guidance based on YOUR unique health history and symptoms.   Our written reports also provide much more detail (including links and other information) beyond that which could be covered during a 'phone' consultation. Our testimonials say it all!


In addition to specific analyses of copper toxicity, your metabolic type, stress, and your adrenal and thyroid expression, even more importantly you receive full nutritional / supplement guidance, along with explanations behind every recommendation so that you're truly empowered with knowledge.  This premium report also includes our 4 Month Restore & Rebalance Plan for supporting your Gut and Liver and addressing your Mineral Deficiencies and Toxic Elimination.  


NOTE: Our goal is to empower our clients with knowledge and provide support far beyond standard HTMA offered elsewhere. ALL our Value Packages also INCLUDE full access to our SUPPORT VAULT - a bonus library full of support tools and guidance (value $180+), including:

    BONUS #1:  Not just 1, but 5 ebooks on mineral secrets, diet, addressing stress, & eliminating fatigue!

    BONUS #2:  Full access to our library of healing meditations

    BONUS #3:  Various worksheets & cheatsheets for food journaling, mindset reprogramming, & more.

GOLD PACKAGE  (A $880 Value!)

Includes EVERYTHING in the Silver Package, PLUS...

  • 30 Min Phone/Zoom Consultation* 

  • Email Support ** 

  • 90 Day Copper Toxicity Program***

  • Copy of The Healing Workbook ****

  • 15% Discount on all Future HTMA Orders


* Phone / Skype / Zoom call with Rick, scheduled at your convenience

** Per Email Support terms here.

*** Full access to Kirby's 90 Day Copper Toxicity Survival Program.  Beyond the value in this package for the average person, Kirby Amour's 90 Day Copper Toxicity Survival Guide Program offers a great bonus for anyone struggling with copper toxicity.  In this pre-recorded video series, Kirby sits down and walks you step by step through the emotional, spiritual, nutritional, and healing journey that she herself used to recover.

**** For our clients within North America only - free copy delivered to your door, shipping included.


PLATINUM PACKAGE  (A $1550 Value!)

Includes EVERYTHING in the Gold Package, PLUS...

  • Mineral Mastery Course *

  • 60 Minute Consultation**

  • Personal Wellness Score***

  • 20% Discount on HTMA Retests

* Free Tuition and lifetime access to Mineral Mastery.  This highly educational online course (a $597 value alone!) self-empowers you (and your family) with critically important guidance on minerals and how they impact all aspects of health. This is a health education for EVERY HUMAN, going deep into copper toxicity and far beyond into the other minerals as well.  Life-changing and eye-opening, this is information withheld from most medical and nutrition training that will forever change how you take control of your health!  

** Whereas the Gold Package provides email support and a 30 minute private consultation call, with the Platinum package you receive extended email support and up to 60 minutes for a private consultation call. 

*** Completely separate from HTMA and minerals, your Wellness Score report examines various areas of life and where subtle changes could make the biggest difference.


HTMA Certification and Mineral Mastery Joint Study Package

If you are interested in learning about minerals at a deeper level together with the intricacies of HTMA interpretation to assist with your own practice, Dr. Malter and myself are proud to provide you with the two leading courses in these specialties respectively. Please click here to learn more.


"Take Back Your Health" - 6 Month Whole Body Wellness & Rebalancing Program

A highly personalized and complete mind and body wellness program combining HTMA testing and nutritional guidance, mineral education, diet plans, anxiety reducing techniques, and fully customizable counselling and support tailored to YOUR specific needs and goals.​


Lab Charts showing your levels of 35 Nutritional Elements & Toxic Metals comes standard with every package.

“I encourage [everyone] to have an hTMA test and reach out to Rick Fischer for guidance. It saved my quality of life and for that, I am eternally grateful." ~ Joanie

“Rick is truly the expert on copper toxicity...I don't know of any college, university, or medical research center that even comes close to the body of copper information that he has brought together."  ~Dr. Malter, PhD,  Malter Institute

  • Group Discounts Available

    If you are ordering for a group or family of 4 or more people at one time, a discount is available.  Please Inquire  [rick @ integrativehealthcoaching . ca]

  • Live in NY or outside N.A.?

    Please read this important information if you live in New York State or outside North America.

  • Interested in a Package but already have your HTMA?

    No problem! Contact us and we take $100 off the Package Price if you're supplying your own HTMA charts.

  • Pricing displayed in $USD

Our Support Vault (preview below), Complimentary with Silver, Gold, & Platinum Packages

Additional A-La-Carte Items


Kirby's 90 Day Copper Toxicity Survival Program


Kirby Amour uses her healing experience to support you on a 3 month journey through the Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual aspects of Healing from Copper Toxicity. 

Learn more here.


(Note: This program is included in the Gold and Platinum Package .



(via Zoom / Phone) 

or email support


This one-on-one consultation can be used by both practitioners (for mentorship / HTMA training) as well as for patients if you still have questions after receiving your lab results).  This consultation is directly with Rick.  Instead of phone/Zoom, you can also use this to request email support if you prefer asking post-report questions by email instead.  (Note that email and phone support is included in the Gold and Platinum packages. 


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