Personal Wellness Score

The 12 Foundations of Wellness

The tool that accurately pinpoints which simple changes you can make in your life that will have the bigest impact in bringing about fulfillment, improving health and reducing stress.

The “wellness wheel” concept has been used for years in counselling practice to visually depict how balanced one’s life is, and where imbalances may exist. The results offer a great assessment of the changes in one's life that could make the most difference in terms of overall fulfillment, balance, and stress reduction. The Personal Wellness Score, developed by Rick Fischer, takes this concept an important step further through a comprehensive series of carefully designed questions, the answers of which are then calculated using a specific mathematical formula and plotted visually on a modified wellness wheel displaying both one’s current situation as well as one’s “ideal”. As everyone’s “ideal” is different, the Personal Wellness Score gives more accurate insight into what adjustments (and in which areas of life) could make the most impactful difference to overall well being.

Your Personal Wellness Score Report looks at the 12 Foundations of Wellness:  


  • DIET









  • FUN / PLAY


Each of these areas do not function independent of each other. Rather, true well-being must address the whole person and requires a multi-dimensional approach, understanding that dysfunction or 'lack' in one area of life may be the cause to dissatisfaction or a problem in some other area of life. 

Good health for example is not independent of the other areas of your life.  Stress in career or relationships, or a negative environment, can lead to poor health. Likewise poor health may be affecting your finances and ability to ‘play’.  An unhealthy gut microbiome or mineral imbalance can increase stress and bring about anxiety, worry, and affect relationships and enjoyment.  Too much time spent at work can limit exercise which can then potentially affect health.  They are all connected.  So, even if you eat the healthiest food every day, if other areas of your life are ‘empty’ or stressful, your health will continue to be sub-par.   By using the Personal Wellness Score, you'll quickly see which areas of life might be adversely affecting health, and what steps you can take to bring about positive change. 

What's the Process?


Upon ordering, you'll be taken to a special download page where you'll be able to download the Personal Wellness Score Questionnaire.  The Questionnaire is all multiple choice, and will take you about 20 - 30 minutes to complete.  You'll then email your completed Questionnaire to   At that point, I then personally evaluate each answer based on the scoring system and prepare your report.  Included as part of the Gold and Platinum HTMA packages, this insightful tool can also be ordered by itself for $49.  

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