• Mineral Moments Series

    Short 3 to 5 minute videos discussing some of the key nutrients and other mineral-related topics.

  • Copper Toxicity Discussions

    Various interviews and discussions with fellow experts on copper toxicity





  • Benefits and history of HTMA, includng unique historical perspectives from Dr. Malter, PhD.

  • Copper Toxicity Movie

    In this full length documentary, I sit down with several  leading experts in minerals, HTMA, and copper toxicity. The compilation of information in this film, including stories from those affected, serves as a powerful educational tool on the topic and is a call for greater education, both at the medical level, as well as that which is passed on to patients and the public. 

Magnesium & Calcium


The effect of magnesium and calcium on bone health, reasons for magnesium deficiency, and why blood tests usually miss this imbalance.

Advancing the Way we View Health and Nutrition


A brief look at how greater emphasis on bio-individual nutrition and minerals can be used to address a variety of health conditions.

Vitamin D 


While natural Vitamin D is healthy for us all, contrary to popular myth supplementing with Vitamin D pills can actually be quite harmful.



A brief look at the importance of iodine and why people have been led to fear it.



Potassium is one of the most important nutrients in our body, yet almost everyone is deficient. Learn why this goes unrecognized, and how it can affect health.

Copper and Zinc


A quick overview of why many are overloaded with copper (copper toxicity), deficient in zinc, and how this imbalance affects health.

A Caveat If You're Taking Vitamins


How people, when they take most vitamins sold out there, could be making their body more nutritionally deplete.

Copper vs Iron


Do we need more iron? More copper? While a small demographic can benefit with taking iron, the issue for most people stems from a copper imbalance, and supplementing more of either can be detrimental.