"The fact that he knew almost right away what was wrong and was so accurate was huge for me and I feel he knows exactly what I need to do to get back on track. I would highly recommend having an HTMA test done and having Rick on your side." ~Chelsea 

"Very well trained with a special understanding of the epidemic of copper toxicity that adversely affects the mental and physical health of millions of people. Your research on copper toxicity is a great contribution to educating people about this very serious health problem. In fact, your work puts you way ahead of most "health" care practitioners and researchers who are virtually unaware of the epidemic health problem of copper toxicity.  Your website (coppertoxic.com) is a major contribution to understanding this health problem that has destroyed so many lives. With your passion and determination you have made yourself an expert in copper toxicity." ~Dr. Richard Malter, PhD

“Thank you sooooo much. I feel very lucky to have found you and to be following a very gentle program that you made for me. In the enormous amount of information and healers that are available through internet these days, it can be very easy to make the wrong decisions.  I think I'm on the right path of healing.  I did everything according to your report.  Looking at my [latest] test results - seems like the minerals are getting closer to balance.  So thank you once again."  ~ Alina T..

“Integrative Health Coaching is an amazing service to help you with your health issues that you often can't find answers to via conventional medicine. Many people suffer with so many unpleasant health issues, mental disorders, hormonal disorders, depression, intense physical or emotional pain and whatever they try doesn't seem to help. Rick is one of the top experts in HTMA in North America. His reports are extremely detailed and comprehensive. Rick doesn't settle for mediocre work, he is a perfectionist and takes his life mission very seriously. He is determined to help each of his clients to the best of his abilities and goes way beyond what you would expect from a medical professional. Rick has helped me uncover my most mysterious reasons behind my adrenal burnout, hypothyroidism, hormonal imbalances, anxiety, muscle pains and chronic anemia and put me on a health protocol that is helping me regain my mineral imbalance and regain my health. I highly recommend Rick to anyone who cannot find the answers to their health issues. Thank you Rick for doing this work!!"~Jasmine G

“Thanks again for all you do and for being someone I can touch base with and  learn from. I’m telling everyone how fortunate I feel to have found you!” ~Paige Rennekamp, CNHP​

"I found [the report] very impressive and provided a lot of material and direction in an absorbable manner. The testing confirmed certain suspicions that I had...and also provided valuable info on things that I could not have predicted."  ~Jean A​

"Amazing report!  So much more than I am used to."  ~Stephanie V 

"I have been telling everyone that I know about this! I feel it is imperative for everyone to do- I’m amazed by it all." ~Brooke 

"Thank you so much for the report!  There is a lot of good and detailed information in here.  I've already implemented some of your suggestions and I've noticed a difference already!  I'm also really enjoying your book, I haven't been able to put it down since I got it."  ~ Mira​​

“I want to start off by saying how grateful I am for your assessment.  I found it to be very clear, thorough, educational etc.  To come across a healing science and a skilled practitioner who could confirm (my own beliefs and health studies) brings me such relief.  I’m so grateful. Thank you SO much." ~Nabil​

"Thanks again for all you continue to do. You have helped me into saving and restoring my life in all its degrees. " ~Jessica

“I wanted to thank you for the geniality of your analysis and report.  I am grateful for having the opportunity to work with you.  Thank you again Rick your work changes lives as it supports people to be more themselves.” ~ Michel​

“Just wanted to touch base with you and let you know how amazing I am feeling…This time last year I felt doomed, dark and a shell of a person… I know that my journey /detox may still be far from over but just the last 3 months has been like a light has been switched on…Please never stop doing what you do as there are too many people out there that suffer and are shrugged off by GPs. Without your help my family wouldn't be where it is today.” ~ Mariana  

“I am trying to follow your program. Taking all my supplements, eating healthy.  Overall I feel great... I feel like I am finally taking the supplements my body actually needs, my hair is all growing back. I have been telling people about your balance and restore program. :) just wanted to share that with you. Thank you for your program! It’s working!  ~Valli."

“I do wish to thank you, Rick. [HTMA picked up acute infection which led to discovery of AML leukemia...] Your lab results, at that moment in time, may have saved [my wife's] life."  ~Thomas

"This test is so valuable, and so detailed! I was shocked with all of the information I was provided! Well worth the money! Thank you, Rick!" ~ Yelena

"I would like to express a very sincere “thank you” to Rick Fischer who guided me very intelligently and rationally with my first HTMA test in 2017.  As a health practitioner, my health took a sharp and scary turn in the fall of 2017 after I had initiated my own attempt at remineralization and detoxification.

When I received my first HTMA report from Trace Elements, Inc., I broke down in tears.  They were tears of relief.  I knew that with this “map” in hand, I could find my way out of the complex situation that had arisen.  I had gone into a copper dump.  I was teetering on burnout, my calcium was so high, I was having warning signs of an impending heart attack, and my nervous system had seemingly gone “haywire”.  I felt so enthusiastic about my research on HTMA and my steady health gains after implementing the protocol suggested by Rick that I knew I needed to take more HTMA training. 

I had been completely unaware of the health implications of copper toxicity, nor did I realize that I had likely been copper toxic from birth.  The time had clearly come in my life to really start getting “under” this and getting “into" my biochemistry.  It continues to be life changing.

I’ve once again sought out Rick’s guidance for mentorship with my HTMA cases for my clients, and for myself and family members.  Working with Rick in this capacity is exposing me to his knowledge and experience and it is also helping me to integrate my background of offerings into this foundational work.  I’m most grateful to be learning from someone who is very knowledgeable and highly experienced in the field. ~Michelle Haley DHHP, RCST®, HTMA Practitioner 

“The report I received provided an amazing insight into my current state of health. It has renewed my enthusiasm to continue on the path of fixing my health as well as providing an easy to follow road map to get there.   There are a couple of options when it comes to fixing your health. I choose the path of fixing the cause of the symptoms rather than taking drugs to mask the symptoms. Rick has an amazing knowledge of how to do this through mineral balancing and I highly recommend his services. I feel that the value for money in the services he provides is outstanding. Thank you for your help Rick." ~Chris

"Rick has guided me through every question and concern.  He has proven countless times that he is here to spread awareness and do what is best for those who are experiencing copper toxicity, no matter the cause. He truly was a huge support for me since the beginning.  I encourage all of you to have an hTMA test and reach out to Rick Fischer for guidance. It saved my quality of life and for that, I am eternally grateful." ~Joanie  

"Rick is one of the leading experts in our world today on HTMA and copper" ~ Dr. Robert Selig

The guidance provided is exceptional. I have been tested in the past by different health practitioners that could detect somewhat the same problems but it was always addressed incompletely. My honest first thought was why I have not done this 10 years ago, and why is this approach not as widely available.  This report has so much information, every time I read it I find another gold nugget. Thank you kindly for helping me and making sure you deliver the best report…Lots of well put together information I believe is going to be life changing for me. It explains scientifically why I have the health issues and how I can control the real cause. I wish I could have had this info earlier to avoid getting here. Thank you kindly Rick" ~Gabriela

“Your clients will be lucky to have found you.  There are not too many “specialists” within this area!!  You are one of the few and probably one of the best!”~Marie

"I had my HTMA through Rick Fischer and happily recommend him to people.  Does a great report. He did an amazing website on copper toxicity and really understood some issues I was experiencing. Was so glad to find someone who really knew their stuff after previously following a path without proper guidance / support..” ~ Natalie

“Thank you for the amazing contribution you have made. Your website [coppertoxic.com] is a critical part of my practice. It's the go to place for my patients.” ~Abdul Saad (MPsych-Clin)​

“I really appreciate your dedication to helping people. It's nice to have someone I can ask questions when I feel so alone and there are no doctors (that I can find ) that understand any of this."  ~ Amanda

"One of my clients brought me your report, and I found it incredible. It's what I need to advice to all of my clients." ~Dr. Samantha Miazzi, Psychologist, Neuropsychologist

“I too extend my gratitude to you for the profound work you are doing and contributions you are making to bringing further light to copper toxicity and in the world of TRUE health and healing in general!” ~ Megan 

"The HTMA test gave me a lot of 'why's' for how bad I was feeling, after a couple of months of implementing the changes suggested I am already noticing a difference.  I think this test and Rick's support has been really great!" ~Desiree C 

"Thank you again for all your help, guidance, and support. It truly means a lot to me, for the first time in a while I'm feeling in control and positive about the future of my health." ~ Alyssa

"I wanted to let you know, that with the nutritional plan, I was able to go to a microdose of my antidepressants, my OCD improved very very much thanks to it being more responsive to cognitive therapy than it ever had been before, and I felt like I made a full recovery on the emotional numbness part of my depression. It's pretty much a miracle! I was not expecting results so fast. Thank you so much for your website and everything that led me to getting this help! A lot of my symptoms improved, actually" ~Lexi

"As a Health Practitioner and Fitness Trainer, I want to thank you for your dedication and education! I have been in the health/fitness industry for over 25 years and out of all my education have never been taught how crucial mineral balancing is. It was the missing piece in my own healing journey."

~Stacey Turner

“It was the most beneficial course I've ever taken." ~ Maha Saleh

“I do believe that everyone should have this information and I've been sharing this with my clients....Thank you Rick for what you do and for your commitment to get this information out there. ” ~Suzanne Lightheart

Loved the course! Thank you! I am inspired to really understand the interconnectedness of the minerals and heavy metals, and be able to put that into action (for myself and clients). This course was absolutely the foundation I needed to begin that task of deep understanding and application.” ~Lisa Beach, PhD

"This course was amazing! Learning how the minerals balance each other and what happens when they aren't balanced was so useful!" ~Holly Lannert

"I highly recommend the Mineral Mastery course taught by Rick Fisher.   The course was an excellent deep dive into Minerals and how to use them not only for myself, but also in my nutritional therapy practice. Rick's course does an excellent job of combining how to test, balance the minerals and introducing us to how to detox the Toxic Metals.  The course was well paced and the information was presented in an easy to understand format.  The length of the instructional videos was easy to do in single sittings and the learning was perfectly paced. Rick is very knowledgeable, passionate and shares this knowledge generously both during the course and after.  ~Dana Negoita, BSc, Certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner

“I felt that the course was very informative and well laid out.  I do think that all people in the health field would benefit from the course." ~Michelle Haley, DHHP, RCST, HTMA Practitioner

"Your Mineral Mastery course should be a compulsory unit in every medical and naturopathic and nutrition school.  Quality training not often seen in the nutritional world these days. I want to salute you for the incredibly important role you are playing getting accurate information out into the world."  ~J. Hainsworth

This opened my eyes to what is severely lacking in today's disease management industry. It amazes me that the information I'm learning in this course is not shared by doctors today....Thank you Rick. EMPOWERMENT THROUGH EDUCATION!! Educate yourself to be better informed in your healthcare and that of your children. We OWE at least that much to them.”  ~Anna Iacoviello

[Mid-Course] "I just wanted to say how much I am enjoying all your teachings and soaking it all up like a sponge!! I thought I knew a bit of stuff but I am learning lots more along the way ! I love your attitude about health and my passion has always been around ‘informed’ choice, so this is right up my street!


[Post-course]: “I have taken Rick Fischer's course and found [it] a breath of fresh air.  I love everything [he] stands for.  I work in the women’s health area, along with preconception, natural fertility enhancement and in pregnancy. Rick Fischer's work has enhanced my practice lots.  [This] work is so important." ~Janet Naylor

"I enjoyed this course and format very much...this work is so important.  I hope you continue to pursue the distribution of this valuable knowledge.  I cannot imagine how amazing it would be if every single doctor had to learn about this in medical school.  

~Lisa White

“The information was incredible. I have dozens of books on nutritional healing and herbs and have taken many courses over the years. This one was by far the most informative of them all. I think every person should have this information. ” ~Diane

"I have really enjoyed your Mineral Mastery course...Thanks again, Rick!  I appreciate you sharing your knowledge.  Minerals saved my life after years of doctors telling me that nothing was wrong, or that I was just depressed or anxious and only needed a SSRI. My mission in life is to save others from that misery - to help them find health and happiness again." ~Stephanie Mace

“Just WOW! I don't know what to say, really....speechless! It covers sort of everything. I love everything about the course. Although I know pretty much already, I learned alot of new things. The information given was above and beyond my expectation! ” ~Marie

"I learned a lot, which has added to my library of learning for my clients. I would highly recommend this course to others!"

~Functional Medicine Practitioner, Precision Nutrition & Health Coach, Kettlebell Sport World Champion, Lisa Pitel-Killah

"This course was extremely helpful and informative, clear and detailed."  ~Dana Almourad

"I’ve just completed the mineral mastery course..LOVED IT! Thank you so much for such an informative course. I’m feeling empowered and excited about learning more and incorporating this into my Osteopathic practice! It turned a lot of what I thought I knew, on its head!  But it all made so much sense and seems so obvious now.  The information was given in  a clear and considered manner.  This course is a must! Thank you so much for the insight, and for lighting a fire in my belly!  ~Geri M

This course was exceptional. Very easy to understand and highlighted so many issues that my current clients are facing. I am excited beyond words to dig into htma further to start helping the individuals that put their trust in me. Thank you for being a voice, I will follow your lead!”

~Jillian Strong, Functional Nutrition Practitioner, Fitness Coach

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