Refund Policy: I am confident the insight you gain from your HTMA Report will make this one of your most important and invaluable health screening tests.  If however for any reason you decide, after ordering your HTMA, not to follow through with testing, you have 90 days to request a full refund, subject to a $10 processing fee (and, if applicable, any direct costs incurred such as, for example if your package included a copy of The Healing Workbook and this has been shipped out to you, the book value and shipping cost would then also be deducted from the refunded amount).  


Specifically for the Platinum Package which includes full access to the Mineral Mastery educational program, your refund (requests valid up to 90 days post-order), will be limited to a maximum of $400, and you can continue to enjoy full access to the Mineral Mastery course for as long as you wish. 


Refunds are valid only if your hair sample has not yet been processed by the lab. Even after 90 days, your credit on file does NOT expire, and the amount you have paid remains valid toward any future HTMA or product offered through Integrative Health Coaching.



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