"HTMA provides the window through which to view the relationship between your minerals and how they affect your body and mind - ultimately, in many ways, determining your physical and emotional destiny."

If you're struggling with some health challenge, here are 3 smart action steps that could possibly make all the difference! 

#1.  Know Your Status

HTMA provides the window through which to view the relationship between the minerals in your cells and tissues and how they affect your body and mind. Balanced minerals lead to health; unbalanced minerals lead to dis-ease. 

  • Discover your hidden toxicities and deficiencies. 

    Everyone has some level of mineral imbalance.  The extent of the imbalance(s) and other factors determine if symptoms appear today, or later in life.  

  • Receive a roadmap for corrective action. 

    Knowing your imbalances (and how they may be relating to your symptoms), you can then take very specific, targeted action toward correcting those deficiencies and toxicities and bringing your body into better health and balance.

#2.  Explore Copper Toxicity

Learn about one of today's most far-reaching yet misunderstood and silenced health epidemics.

  • Essential health information for every woman. 

    While men are affected too, it's the copper-retaining quality of estrogen that makes this something every woman deserves to be taught as basic health 101... and even moreso once she goes on birth control.  Unfortunately, widespread denial by many in the medicial community keeps this information suppressed from those who need it most.

  • A link to many of today's common symptoms. 

    If you're dealing with fatigue / exhaustion, racing mind, hypothyroid, digestive issues, candida, brain fog, depression, anxiety, relationship issues (apathy, withdrawal, lowered libido), heightened PMS reactions, irrititability, insomnia... the website coppertoxic.com will surely help you connect many of the dots.

#3. Empower Yourself with the Mineral Mastery course.

So much of what is taught in current nutrition and medical schooling ignores the fundamental principles of minerals and how they affect nearly all aspects of health, physical and mental. 


"The Mineral Mastery course should be a compulsory unit in every medical and naturopathic and nutrition school - then we might actually have a healthcare system instead of a disease management one!"  ~Jo Hainsworth, Health Practitioner



  • Convenient self-study, lifetime access.

  • Eye-opening and beneficial no matter what your background.