Why is Hair Testing a Better Option for Understanding One's Mineral Status?

Why is HTMA Not More Commonly Used?  Is it a Legitimate Test? Is it a Scam? I've Read Conflicting Things About It.

Key Mineral Ratios and What They Tell You About Your Health

Some labs offer a 'Profile 1' and a 'Profile 2'.  What's the Difference, and isn't a Profile 2 Good Enough?

What Are Key Things to Look Out For When Choosing an HTMA Practitioner?

If I Know I Have Toxic Metals, Can't I Just Chelate Them Out?

Will taking the hair sample affect my beautiful hairstyle?

How much hair do I need to cut?

Can I still do this if I've colored my hair?

Is there anything else I should know for preparing my hair sample?

What if I live far away?

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