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...Provide the most comprehensive evidence-based resource and support guide on copper toxicity to help people get real answers to their symptoms and questions; provide much needed research and education to the medical community and general public on the topic; turn the tide of awareness so women may one day receive the fully informed consent they deserve before being put on birth control, and increase professional and social support and understanding for all those affected.  

"Your research on copper toxicity is a great contribution to educating people about this very serious health problem. In fact, your work puts you way ahead of most "health" care practitioners and researchers who are virtually unaware of the epidemic health problem of copper toxicity.  I don't know of any college, university, or medical research center that even comes close to the body of copper information that you have put together" ~Dr. Malter, PhD


Your website saved my daughter from copper toxicity due to the Copper IUD. Thank you for all that you do. I am forever grateful..." ~D. Petiford



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