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Training and Certification Options

for HTMA and Working with Minerals



Mineral Mastery

Developed by Rick Fischer, this is the leading online course of it's kind that focuses on mineral education and the important role that minerals play in physical and mental health.  It dispels many of the 'nutritional myths' out there that keep people left in the dark when it comes to finding answers and taking control of their own health, and delves far beyond what most existing nutritional and medical training programs currently teach specific to minerals.  (Also includes a bonus HTMA training unit with Dr Malter found nowhere else!)


[8+ Hours Training, one-time Tuition Fee of $497]

Malter Institute

Dr. Malter, Ph.D. is widely regarded and respected as one of the world's leading experts in HTMA, and has been successfully applying hTMA concepts in clinical psychology and nutrition practice for nearly 4 decades.  Today, he teaches HTMA training courses for health professionals while also offering seminars for the public on various aspects of HTMA and nutrition. Learning from Dr Malter is a gift to be able to learn from the very best.  The live webinar based course typically begins every couple of months. 


[10 Hours training, one-time Tuition Free of $595]

HTMA Certification & Mineral Mastery -

Joint Study Package

Take BOTH the above courses and save over $300 with this special combined education package.  Within a few hours of purchase, you'll receive a welcome email with an access code that allows you to get started with your mineral training (7 Unit Mineral Mastery Program) right away.  You'll also be receiving a welcome email from Dr. Malter, PhD, who'll be your instructor for the HTMA course and HTMA certification. With one course going deeper into the direct link between minerals and health, and the other going deeper into HTMA interpretation and application, taking these two courses together (or back to back) will provide you with a solid foundation of mineral/HTMA knowledge to begin then putting in to successful practice with your own clients.

(Both courses, together, for a one-time tuition of just $750.)