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90 Day Copper Toxicity Survival Program.

Supporting you on a 3 month journey through the Physical, Emotional,

and Spiritual aspects of

Healing from Copper Toxicity. 

“Kirby's raw and honest approach to sharing her story and helping others heal is a gift to any woman struggling with copper toxicity.”

Rick Fischer, Founder of CopperToxic.com

While Kirby continues to provide services through her Amour Soul Cafe in Portugal, I am thrilled to be able to continue carrying her 'copper torch' by adding the program she created into our existing menu of support options for women dealing with copper toxicity.  ~Rick Fischer  

Kirby's Passion to Help Others

After living 32 years suffering from a copper imbalance I set out on a healing journey that led me to reconnecting with myself, and becoming a Certified Soul Coach Practitioner with a goal to help others facing the same challenges physically, emotionally and spiritually as I had. One thing I learned along the way is, WITHOUT EACH OTHER, WE ARE NOTHING.  

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Whether or not you're already on a mineral balancing program, this 3 month 'Survival Guide' provides further guidance in diet, lifestyle, and understanding copper's effects on your body and mind. 

Kirby's teachings help you regain centeredness, help support the healing process,

and let you know you truly are not alone in this.     

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