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Since 2013/2014 we have been at the forefront of copper toxicity education and support. 

It was a love-based mission that originally led Rick to create the website, bringing vital education and support to this topic that for decades has been ignored, even purposely suppressed. 

Over the years, Rick's global leadership and work in this field has been instrumental in many of the support resources available today. Rick's work has served as a key educational resource for countless practitioners, health writers, and patients.  


Beyond our additional leadership in HTMA testing / protocols and mineral-based health education (, we've worked to provide you a number of free resources as well.  While there still remains much suppression of information, practitioner denial, and misinformed approaches to testing and detoxing, our mission has always been to bring forth the real science and research, helping you separate fact from fiction, and giving you the support tools to get on the right path for healing.


WWW.COPPERTOXIC.COM is the world's leading education & support site for copper toxicity. It provides a wealth of information from symptoms, to copper's connection to diet and estrogen, to the calcium shell, emotions, detoxing, cases/stories, and more.


EMOTIONAL SYMPTOMS such as depression, anxiety, apathy, & relationship issues are very common with copper toxicity. The INFOGRAPHICS on this page explain the connections. You'll also discover books that have been written on this topic.


From unrelenting fatigue, to hair loss, weight gain, hypothyroid, digestive issues and more, this page gives an at-a-glance view of the copper IUD CONECTION TO SOME OF THESE COMMON SYMPTOMS. 



While it's great that more support groups are appearing today,  many discussion groups are opinion-based and inadvertently perpetuate some of the very myths that keep CT misunderstood.  Join our FACT-BASED IG page at #coppertoxicity, or our FB GROUP at:


Though Hollywood could film it better, Rick created this full-length DOCUMENTARY to bring together some of the top copper toxicity experts in combination with stories of a few affected women, an early 'home' project to help increase awareness.  


Having been through copper toxicity herself personally, and today as a Certified Transformation Coach, Anna uses her life-changing copper toxicity healing journey and counseling experience to COACH others through the EMOTIONAL HEALING process.


HTMA (Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis) remains the single most important test for understanding copper toxicity and its effect on the mineral system and health.  This page provides an FAQ on HTMA itself and what to look for when choosing who to work with.


Our friend Kirby is another great story of healing from CT. She transformed her personal healing journey into a 90 DAY healing program to support others. Though a paid program by itself, it's included free with some of our HTMA & Wellness Packages


Get Your Free eBook on Mineral-Based


We actually teach the course on mineral-based nutrition and energy!

We honestly believe the epidemic of copper toxicity could be ended if enough people and practitioners took interest in learning and were trained in this information. 


This free eBook includes an introduction to some of the important

mineral connections (including copper toxicity) to health and energy,

and provides you 45 tips to help increase YOUR energy!

Your research on copper toxicity is a great contribution to educating people about this very serious health problem. Your work puts you way ahead of most "health" care practitioners and researchers who are virtually unaware of the epidemic health problem of copper toxicity." 

~Dr. Malter, PhD


Your website saved my daughter from copper toxicity due to the Copper IUD. Thank you for all that you do. I am forever grateful..." 

~D. Petiford


Thank God I found [your website].  For all women, who have the luck to find this information, your work is essential. 




I see around me families being horribly let down by their doctors and the mental health system, families being literally torn apart due to unrecognized copper toxicity.  It breaks my heart to see so many that are so obviously being affected by this. I'm so thankful that you have put this on my radar."

~J. Hainsworth


"I would like to sincerely thank you for creating the website. It was the single most important discovery of my life.  What you're doing is truly saving women's lives. I dread to think what state I would be in now if I had not discovered your incredibly informative website. Thank you , Thank you , Thank you!"




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